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Emerald Hollow Therapeutic Riding Center is proud to offer accredited, therapeutic riding programs benefiting our neighbors around Cape Cod. 


Therapeutic Horsemanship

Emerald Hollow TRC Classes

Our therapeutic horsemanship program teaches horse-handling and riding skills using activities tailored to meet the participants’ physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioral needs. Children, teens and adults with a wide array of challenges are active in this program.


Lesson plans take into account the participants’ physical, emotional and mental strengths and limitations. Activities may include horse care (such as grooming and tacking), exercises, games and riding the trails. Lessons may be mounted or unmounted, depending on individual needs. When necessary, participants are supported by trained volunteers who are an essential part of the learning team. Individual progress is documented weekly.

Social interaction, connection, and participation in group activities are part of the therapeutic process. Therapeutic Horsemanship enhances small and gross motor skill development, core strength, muscle tone, flexibility, balance and coordination, as well as problem-solving and task-sequencing abilities, communication, confidence and trust. Our programs take place in a sensory-rich recreational environment in which to learn and grow.


These lessons are primarily offered in a group setting, however, the instructor may schedule private lessons for participants who need more individualized support.

Equine Facilitated Mental Health

Equine Facilitated Mental Health (EFMH) is a powerful methodology providing alternative counseling services outside the office setting. EFMH is accessible to anyone, regardless of your experience with horses, as it is a non-riding-based program.


As prey animals, horses have an innately heightened awareness of their surroundings and the emotions of other horses and people. They often mirror clients’ behaviors and attitudes, demonstrating that they can change outcomes in their own lives by modifying their behavior. For these reasons, horses can lead to powerful therapeutic breakthroughs. EFMH is well-suited to address such conditions as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders; to strengthen relationships and improve social interactions. Through a dynamic therapeutic approach, clients learn about themselves and others through horses.


Equine Facilitated Mental Health Services are provided exclusively by a licensed mental health professional. Emerald Hollow Therapeutic Riding Center takes no responsibility for the clinical counseling or social work aspects of the lesson.

Veterans Program - Equus Effect

The Equus Effect, developed by Jane Strong and David Sonatore, is an experiential learning and coaching program designed to teach through physical experience. Clients are given the opportunity to hone relationship skills, enhance self-awareness, and build emotional and mental resilience using simple exercises and activities in partnership with the horse. The Equus Effect is unique in its emphasis on rebuilding healthy relationships in order to facilitate personal and professional growth and healing. Our horses and facilitators will support you and your journey with respect and skill. All activities are unmounted. No horse experience is necessary.


This program is offered free of charge to all US Military personnel in conjunction with the Cape Cod Vet Center, through the generous support of the Dennis Field of Honor and The Nicholas G. Xiarhos Memorial Foundation Fund.

New Participant Enrollment

  1. To begin the enrollment process, please click the button below, which will open a file containing forms.

  2. Print all the forms and then fill them in. If you are unable to access these forms online, please call the office at 508-896-0064 for assistance.

  3. Once your forms are complete, including the Physician’s Statement, please mail them to us at:  235 Run Hill Road, Brewster, MA 02631

  4. Upon receipt of your completed forms, EHTRC will call you to schedule a Participant Evaluation.

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